Speakers from 2019 Summit

2020 Speakers will be updated very soon.

Dennis Crider

Jeff Schroeder

Jeff Schroeder


Mr. Crider has been employed at the Safety Board since 1995 and currently serves as the Chief Technical Advisor for Vehicle Simulation.  He is the author of the Board’s ISIM (Investigative Simulation) and KinSurf (kinematic parameter extraction) simulation tools as well as several other vehicle performance accident investigation tools and has used simulation techniques on many accident investigations such as USAir 427 and TWA 800. He has served on several committees with the goal of improving simulation fidelity and training.  Prior to joining the Board he served as aerodynamic, stability and control and simulation engineer at Beech Aircraft (1979-1985), Douglas Aircraft (1985-1994), and McDonnell Douglas Aerospace (1994-1995).  Mr. Crider has developed aerodynamic build-up equations and led teams that have developed aerodynamic data reports for simulation and has developed simulations for several airplanes.

Jeff Schroeder

Jeff Schroeder

Jeff Schroeder


Jeff Schroeder is the FAA’s Chief Scientist for Flight Simulation Systems and has recently worked on the FAA’s upset prevention and recovery training efforts.  Previously, he worked at NASA Ames, with his last position being Chief of the Aviation Systems Division.  His technical interests include flight dynamics, handling qualities, and flight simulation.  Jeff has a Ph.D. from Stanford and an M.S. and B.S. from Purdue, all in Aeronautics and Astronautics.  He is Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society and an Associate Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Mike Tarsa

Jeff Schroeder

Bryan Burks


Currently MD-11 Check Airman and AQP Curriculum Development Specialist at UPS Airlines. Recently headed development of airline-wide UPRT Curriculum.
Began at UPS in 1997 on the B-727, Captain Check Airman, and transitioned to the MD-11 in 2004, during which time I served as an APD, OE Instructor, Assistant Chief Pilot, and Program Development Manager.
Bachelors in Education and Psychology from the University of Illinois, MBA in Global Management, University of Phoenix,  and Certificate of Instructional Design from Embry Riddle University, for which I completed my Capstone Project paper on Simulator Limitations of Upset Recovery Training.
30-years experience in Part 121 operations. 40-years experience in flight training.

Bryan Burks

Bill Roberson

Bryan Burks


Bryan Burks was hired by Alaska Airlines in 1995, after having been employed at MarkAir as a 737 pilot in Anchorage, AK and prior, flying small planes for Part 135 operations throughout Alaska.  Bryan has accumulated over 23,000 hours and has served as an Instructor Pilot and CheckAirman, and since 2011 as the UPRT lead at Alaska Airlines. As the National Vice-Chair for the ALPA Training Council, Bryan began work in pilot training and simulation issues as a team member of the Royal Aeronautical Society International Working Group for ICAO; harmonization of pilot training and utilization of Flight Training Devices (IWG 9625) 2006 to 2009.

In 2009, Bryan was appointed as the Training and Regulatory Group Co-Chair for ICATEE (International Committee for Aviation Training in the Extended Envelope), serving in this capacity until 2013, and later participated as a subject matter expert on Loss of Control; FAA SPAW/ARC and LOCART Aviation Rule-making Committee’s 2011-2013.

Bryan has been involved in UPRT content development and implementation since 2011, as a UPRT instructor pilot for the FAA in enhanced stall model development for B-737NG, Oklahoma City and Seattle (2015), and has demonstrated enhanced UPRT to over 30 airlines over the past 4 years.

Bryan holds degrees from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Master of Aeronautical Science, 1993) and Western Washington University (Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, 1985), and is a Fellow, Royal Aeronautical Society, nominated 2012.

Itash Samani

Bill Roberson

Bill Roberson



Global Head of Regulatory Affairs (FSTDs & Foreign ATOs), CAE Training Strategy 

Itash has worked in the flight simulation for over 35 years, in design and manufacturing as well training operations. He has extensive experience in aerodynamics and avionics systems simulation, and through his career held various managerial positions including Manager of Engineering, Manager of Acquisitions, Manager of Regulatory Compliance, Head of Regulatory for FAA Part 142, and currently holds the position of position of Global Head of Regulatory Affairs (FSTD & Foreign ATOs). Itash has been with CAE for just over 20 Years. 

He has a Bachelor’s of Technology degree with honors in Aerospace Engineering from Loughborough University of Technology, is a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society. 

He currently holds the position of Chairman of the Training Device Work Stream (TDWS*) subcommittee comprised of representatives of ICAO, IATA, OEMs, ATOs, Airlines and RAeS amongst others, and which is charged with the continuing oversight, amendment and NAA adoption of ICAO 9625 Manual of Criteria for the Qualification of FSTDs. 

  • This function is now under the auspices of ICAO 


In his current role, he serves many functions to support CAE simulation products and the CAR training centers, and CAEs customers globally on all regulatory matters including: 

 Participation in the evolution of Civil Aviation Regulations and their implementation for CAE, our partners and our customers. 

 Sharing regulatory information and advice within CAE, our partners, our customers, industry bodies and Civil Aviation Authorities. 

 Strategically help our colleagues, partners and customers who work in Training Operations and with Simulation Products to optimize their regulatory compliance. 

Other qualifications and accomplishments include: 

  • Recipient of Edward A. Link Award 
  • MIT Data Analytics Certificate 
  • APS Emergency Maneuver Training 
  • Served as FAA Agent for Service for Part 142 Organization 
  • FAA Management Representative for Part 60 
  • RAF University Air Squadron Cadet Pilot 
  • Glider Pilots License 
  • Six Sigma Black Belt (including George Eckes train the trainer) 

Bill Roberson

Bill Roberson

Bill Roberson


Aircrew Training Instructor at Southwest Airlines.

Prior to Southwest Airlines, he was employed by the Boeing Company for 27 years in various capacities.

His last assignment was as the Assistant Chief Pilot for Airplane Development. In this capacity he worked to bring new technology to the commercial airplanes that were under development.

Previously, Bill was the Chief Research Pilot for The Boeing Commercial Company. In this position, Roberson was the focal for commercial airplane research activities involving pilots. He was also involved with conducting the 787 flight test program being assigned to ZA006, the sixth 787 airplane to enter test. He also did extensive testing on the 747-8.

Roberson previously served as a Boeing Senior Safety Pilot. In this capacity he supported the National Transportation Safety Board and other international agencies in accident investigations. He has also held numerous management positions concerning airplane safety, executive flight operations, procedure development and flight training, and has served as an instructor pilot for the 737, 757, 767, 777 and 787. Concurrently, as a U.S. Air Force Reserves pilot at McChord Air Force Base, Wash., he served as an instructor pilot, flight commander and chief pilot.

Roberson holds FAA type ratings in all current Boeing production airplanes as well as the Challenger 604, and has logged over 10,000 hours of flight time.

Before joining Boeing in 1988, Roberson was a U.S. Air Force pilot based at Charleston Air Force Base, S.C., where he flew the C-141. He also served as an Assistant Professor of Aeronautical Engineering at the U.S. Air Force Academy, where he was also a pilot for basic free fall and the U.S. Air Force Academy parachute team as well as a T-41C instructor pilot.

Roberson holds a bachelor's degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the U.S. Air Force Academy, a master’s degree in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering from Stanford University, Palo Alto, Calif., and a master’s degree in Technical Management from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. He also holds a Certificate in Aviation Safety and Security from the University of Southern California.

Nigel Sargent

Captain Randy Howell

Captain Randy Howell


Alaska Airlines Inc,
Location: Seattle WA USA
Director, Flight Simulator Operations (current)
Manager, Flight Simulator Operations
Senior Eng, Flight Simulator Operations

Dates Employed: Mar 1995 – Present (24 years)

Rediffusion Simulation /Hughes Training and Simulation /TTSL,
Location: Crawley England
5 year Eng apprentice
Field support Eng
Senior Eng

Dates Employed: Jan 1978 – Jan 1995 (17 years)

Captain Randy Howell

Captain Randy Howell

Captain Randy Howell


CEO Patriot Jet Team UPRT

Randy “Howler” Howell– as the Patriots Jet Team owner he has accumulated more than 26,000 hours of flight time. In those hours, he has over 30 years of airline flying with United Airlines and took early retirement as a 747-400 Captain. Randy has been an advanced instructor in aerobatics, formation, UPRT as well as a Check Airman and Simulator Instructor in a multitude of Airliners and Jet Warbirds. This vast experience in the training world combined with his Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Florida fuels his passion to make the airlines, corporate, airshow and the aviation filming industry a safer and more educated environment.

He has flown air shows for 22 years and raced in three different classes at the Reno Air Races. He holds an ATP with 24 different type ratings from MiG’s to the Boeing 747. He holds an unlimited formation aerobatics air show waiver in four jet aircraft including the L-39 and Sabreliner.  In 1996 Randy formed, operated and flew as lead pilot on the 2 ship MiG 17 team known as the Stoli MiG’s which continued for a 7-year span. 

With a passion for aviation since childhood, it became Randy’s mission to create a six-jet precision demonstration team that would inspire, entertain, and educate aviation enthusiasts at Airshows throughout the United States. In 2003 he started the Patriots Jet Team where he flies the lead position and which has grown to the only civilian owned 6-ship precision, aerobatic formation demonstration team now in its 17thair show season. 

Dedicated to improving safety in the aviation industry, in 2008 Randy started the Patriots Jet Team Upset Prevention and Recovery Training Program. With his many years of expertise in aerobatic formation flying, Flight and SIM instructor, as well as Check Airman in a variety of transport category airplanes, he brings a tremendous amount of experience for UPRT to the airline and corporate aviation community.

The accomplishment that Randy is most proud of is the Patriots Jet Team Foundation, which he founded in 2011. The Foundation educates and mentors youth in America in aviation/aerospace career paths. The Foundation has partnered with other STEM based Foundations, as well as public, private, charter and University school programs.

Dr. Sunjoo K. Advani

Captain Randy Howell

Dr. Sunjoo K. Advani


President, IDT b.v. Founder/Chairman, ICATEE

Sunjoo Advani is an aerospace engineer with a strong interest in flight simulation and aviation safety. 

In 2009, he chaired a Royal Aeronautical Society conference entitled “Towards the Edge of the Envelope”, focusing on LOC-I. The conference took place immediately following three major LOC-I accidents. He was then requested to create and to lead the International Committee for Aviation Training in Extended Envelopes, or ICATEE. Upset Prevention and Recovery Training was thereafter officially born.

After ICATEE completed its mission to develop the primary requirements for UPRT rules, Advani’s company IDT started supporting Civil Aviation Authorities, simulator manufacturers and airlines on how to implement these changes. IDT also continues to develop innovative solutions for aviation and mobility safety.

Ben Lafargue

Clarke “Otter” McNeace

Dr. Sunjoo K. Advani


Born and raised in France. Moved to the US early 1993 but still talk a bit funny!
Mesa Pilot and Check Airman from 1996 to 2007.
Skybus A319 Captain 2007-2008 (short lived)
FAA since 2008: American Eagle APM EMB 145 (4 years), POI Envoy (3+ years)
Last 3 years at AFS 280. AQP Specialist: AA, SWA, Envoy, Expressjet, SkyWest and Mesa
EET Sim instructor FAA Academy(OKC), A 330. Involved in EET implementation of all above cited carriers and several others (AQP and N&O)

Paul Ransbury

Clarke “Otter” McNeace

Clarke “Otter” McNeace


President, APS

Relevant Past Experience Unique to Loss of Control In-Flight (LOC-I) and Upset Prevention & Recovery Training (UPRT)

●  23 Years of Full-time UPRT Specialization at APS

●  Leads the Industry in Five UPRT Sectors of Aviation: Owner/Operator, Government/Military, Airlines, Corporate/Executive, and Flight Schools

● Exclusive and/or Preferred Provider of UPRT for Two US Legacy Air Carriers, Two Top Aviation Insurance Companies, One Global Flight Academy, and Several Government Agencies

● Operates in multiple locations in the USA and EU Delivering and Overseeing the Implementation of APS-Certified and Licensed UPRT to Over 30,000 Pilots Annually

● Personal experience delivering over 5000 flight hours dedicated to teaching and instructing all-attitude all-envelope maneuvering techniques and strategies in both piston and jet aircraft

●  Co-lead Training & Standards Team for the NBAA Safety Committee

●  Lead of the NBAA Loss of Control - Inflight (LOC-I) Working Group

●  Gold Seal Flight Instructor / 6-Time Master CFI – Aerobatic / CFI / CFII / MEI / AGI

●  Former Airbus A320 Airline Pilot

●  Former F/A-18 Hornet Fighter Pilot

●  Graduate of the Fighter Weapons Instructor Course

●  Royal Military College of Canada, BSc Honors Mathematics and Physics

●  South New Hampshire University, MBA

Clarke “Otter” McNeace

Clarke “Otter” McNeace

Clarke “Otter” McNeace


Relevant Past Experience Unique to Loss of Control In-Flight (LOC-I) and Upset Prevention & Recovery Training (UPRT)

●  ICAO LOC-I “Go Team” Member delivering UPRT worldwide to member states

●  Contributing member of the FAA Stall/Stick Pusher Working Group that authored AC 120-109

●  13 Years Specializing in UPRT with APS

● Leads the Industry in Five UPRT Sectors of Aviation: Owner/Operator, Government/Military, Airlines, Corporate/Executive, and Flight Schools

● Exclusive and/or Preferred Provider of UPRT for Two US Legacy Air Carriers, Two Top Aviation Insurance Companies, One Global Flight Academy, and Several Government Agencies

● APS Operates in US and EU Delivering and Overseeing the Implementation of APS-Certified UPRT to Over 30,000 Pilots Annually

● Personal experience delivering over 5000 flight hours dedicated to teaching and instructing all-attitude all-envelope maneuvering techniques and strategies in both piston and jet aircraft to professional pilots

● 15,000+ total flight hours

●  5-Time Master CFI – Aerobatic / ATP/ CFI / CFII / MEI / AGI

●  Former Boeing 737 Captain for a major carrier

●  Former F/A-18 Hornet Fighter Pilot and Instructor

●  Former Carrier-based, combat-decorated Naval Aviator

●  B.S. Computer Science, University of Kansas

Captain John Weigand

Captain John Weigand

Captain John Weigand


Captain John Weigand is the Managing Director of Flight Standards. He is currently responsible for all regulatory and company compliance for the United Airlines Operating Manual and Fleet Flight Manuals, as well as the currency, qualification and quality control of over 1000 Instructors/Evaluators and Line Check Airmen (LCA’s). He is also responsible for United Flight Operations Safety Management Systems (SMS), UA Aircraft Strategies, Flight Test Program and Fleet Technical Publications. He is based at United’s Flight Training Center in Denver, Colorado.

John joined United Airlines in December 1992 as a Flight Officer. During his 25+ years with United, he has flown the B737, A320, B757, and B767. He has held a variety of management positions within Flight Operations, including; Standards Captain on the 737, LCA Coordinator 737, A320 Fleet Captain and the Director of Flight Standards. He was also an Instructor on the 757/767. John has compiled over 9,000 incident free flying hours during his career.

John is a retired Colonel from the U.S. Air Force and Air Force Reserves with 30 years of service. He has flown the F-15 A/B/C/D and T-38 and in his last USAFR assignment, served as the Reserve Advisor (RA) to the Director of Operations, HQ NORAD.

John holds a BS degree in Civil Engineering from the United States Air Force Academy and completed USAF Air War College and the Naval War College’s Joint Forces Management, Decision Making and Leadership curricula. He is a Charter member of the A4A National Pilot Sourcing Forum (NPSF), a member of the A4A Training Committee, and has served as the Vice Chairman of the IATA IOSA Oversight Committee.

John is married to the former Kathy Stemlar of Davenport, Iowa and together they have three children, Jack 18, Sidney 16 and Gracie 14.

Captain Chris Sharber

Captain John Weigand

Captain John Weigand


Chris Sharber is an Airbus 320 Captain and Line Check Airman for United Airlines. He also serves on United’s Human Factors/Pilot Development team facilitating the Captain Upgrade course for new captains. In his twenty-three-year tenure, Chris has flown and served as a flight instructor on the B-727, B-777, and Airbus A320. Chris first made significant contributions to the safety culture at United Airlines as part of the Human Factors team that developed the airline’s current CRM/TEM program. He has participated in developing and delivering numerous training presentations on safety, human factors, and leadership to United’s Flight instructors, Evaluators, and over 12,000 line pilots.

Chris began his career as a Naval Aviator in the United States Navy.  As a Navy FA-18 pilot and instructor, Chris served aboard the USS Independence during Operation Desert Shield, and later on USS Midway, and the USS Carl Vinson. 

Chris lives in Evergreen, Colorado with his wife Julie. His daughter is a nurse and his son is an F/A-18 pilot in the U.S. Marine Corps. They enjoy skiing, biking, hiking, photography and music.

Randy Webb

Captain John Weigand

Randy Webb


Randy started his teaching career as a Professor Assistant in the Physics and Aerodynamics Lab at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona. Shortly after beginning that position, he was hired as a flight instructor for the last two years of his bachelor’s degree program. Randy then flew cargo in a Metroliner throughout the Caribbean before being hired at Atlantic Coast Airlines on the mighty Jetstream out of Washington, Dulles. He was hired at United onto the 727 as a First Officer in 2000. He has flown the 727, 737 and A320 out of DEN, ORD, EWR and IAH since joining United.

Randy also had the opportunity to fly as a test pilot for a short period with Adam Aircraft, ran a two-car national race team as a motorsports shop owner, and flew into Africa, the Middle East, Far East and Europe as a Line Check Airman on the 737-800 for flydubai. He has also been an active auto racing instructor with several car clubs and race sanctioning bodies. Most recently Randy has been with the 737 fleet as an Instructor/Evaluator. During his five-year tenure he has been a QC Instructor, Mentor, Curriculum Developer and as an Initial Cadre UPRT SME.

Randy lives in Golden with his wife and three of his four children. He is currently moving to the 777 fleet as an instructor.

Rod Herrig

Steve "Freddy" Fredricks

Randy Webb


Recently retired last month after 33 years with United Airlines and over 20,000 flight hours.
Hired by Frontier Airlines November 7, 1985 Continental acquired Frontier - 10/4/1986 United/Continental merger - 5/2/2010 Continental/United
Instructor, Line Check Airman, Evaluator, and FAA Examiner for the 737
Rod served Continental Airlines IACP Pilot Union as a Safety Officer and on the GO-TEAM for Accident investigation. Rod was one of the founders of the “Critical Incident Response Program” CIRP
He was trained in accident investigation by the:
Southern California Safety Institute (SCSI) & the DOT, Transportation Safety Institute (TSI)
*Aircraft Accident Investigation *Human Factors
*Advanced Aircraft Investigation *Gas Turbine Accident Investigation *Structures & Performance. 
Rod has flown all models of the Boeing 737 including the 737 MAX, the B-727, B-757, and MD-80
Rod served on the NTSB accident investigation of Continental Flight#1404, December 20, 2008 into Denver as well as Continental Express (Colgan Air) Flight #3407 into Buffalo on February 13, 2009.

Steve "Freddy" Fredricks

Steve "Freddy" Fredricks

Steve "Freddy" Fredricks


Steve Fredricks (Freddy) joined United Airlines in 1999 and has enjoyed the following duties and responsibilities:

• B777 flight instructor and lead 777 SME (current)

• Initial cadre UPRT SME

• B737, B757/767 Flight Training Development/AQP Manager

• B757/767 flight instructor and lead B757/767 SME

• FAR 142 lead SME and courseware developer 

• B777, B757/767, B737, A320 first officer

Prior to United:

• Captain: Hawker 800 corporate jet

• Reno Air MD80 first officer and ground instructor/courseware developer

• Great Lakes Aviation check airman, flight instructor, ground instructor, and courseware developer

• Great Lakes Airlines captain, first officer, charter pilot, FBO manager

• Iowa State University transportation pilot, FAR 141 flight instructor / phase check pilot / ground instructor, and curriculum developer

Fight Time / Ratings

• 13,000+ hours flight time

• Type Ratings: BE300, BE1900, EMB120, HS125, A320, B757, B767, B777 


Education: Bachelor of Science in Business/Finance; Iowa State University

Freddy lives in Arvada, CO. and enjoys competing in triathlon, hiking, trail running, and anything outdoors. Freddy also enjoys time spent with various charitable organizations and is a drummer with a local 80’s and up dance/rock band. 

Randall L. Brooks

Steve "Freddy" Fredricks

Steve "Freddy" Fredricks


Relevant Past Experience Unique to Loss of Control In-Flight (LOC-I) and Upset Prevention & Recovery Training (UPRT)

● President, Upset Prevention and Recovery Training Association

●  Leader of Training Analysis for the International Committee for Aviation Training in Extended Envelopes (ICATEE)

● Developed Upset Recovery Training requirements and program for Eclipse Aviation using the L-39 jet trainer

● Personal experience delivering over 4000 flight hours dedicated to teaching and instructing all-attitude all-envelope maneuvering techniques and strategies in both piston and jet aircraft

●  2-Time Master CFI – Aerobatic / CFI / CFII  / CFIG / MEI

●  Airline Transport Pilot rating with over 13,500 hours of total flight time

●  Four jet and turboprop type ratings, over 100 aircraft types flown

●  Pilot on multiple civilian formation aerobatic demonstration teams

●  Inductee, Airshow Hall of Fame

●  B.S. Aerospace Engineering, University of Colorado

David Gingras

Mark Lindelsee

Mark Lindelsee


David Gingras is Vice President of Bihrle Applied Research, an aeronautics research and development company located in Hampton Virginia, USA. He earned a Master of Science from the George Washington University and has over 25 years’ experience in the analysis and modeling of stall and post-stall aero- and flight-dynamics. Mr. Gingras is currently leading the Bihrle Applied Research STALLBOX team providing technical UPRT solutions to meet the latest flight simulator requirements. He was an active member in the International Committee for Aviation Training in Extended Envelopes (ICATEE), is a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society, and a senior member of the AIAA serving on the Modeling and Simulation Technical Committee.

Mark Lindelsee

Mark Lindelsee

Mark Lindelsee


Mark lives in Denver, Colorado and spends the majority of his time enjoying all of the amazing outdoor activities that Colorado has to offer with his wife, three young children and friends. When not land-locked, Mark enjoys sailing, most recently around parts of Australia and scuba diving.

Mark’s aviation career was born from a love of travel. He graduated with a BS in Aeronautical Science from Embry-Riddle in Prescott Arizona.

His initial flying experience included Instructing in San Diego, flying a B-18 and Replica Ford Tri-Motor in Alaska as a bush pilot, followed by flying as a corporate pilot in a Cessna Citation in California.

Prior to joining United Mark flew for Atlantic Coast Airlines and was a Captain BAE 3200, First Officer BAE4100 and EMB120 and volunteered as their ALPA Committee Chairman in Communications.

Mark joined Untied Airlines in 1997 as a Flight Engineer on the 727 and has continued his career as a Flight Officer on the B737, 757, 767 and 777.

Most recently, Mark has worked as a B777 Flight Instructor/Evaluator and as a UPRT SME and Developer.

He also leads the Quality Control program for the B777 fleet, works in Training Development for the New Hire Instructor Training Program, has been a developer for the Human Factors program and has volunteered for a number of years as an ALPA Officer in the Training Center Council. He is currently on the Legislative and Grievance Committees. He has also been the ALPA Committee Chairman on the Jumpseat and Pass Travel Committees, as well as an ALPA New Hire Mentor.

Mark is currently continuing his education outside of United with Harvard Business School.

Jerry Preiser

Mark Lindelsee

Jerry Preiser


Jerry Preiser has 25 years of experience in aviation. He holds a degree in aviation / aviation maintenance and started out as a line mechanic for Delta Air Lines. That was short-lived as he transitioned over to pilot training just after the first year. Jerry worked in the flight training department as a flight instructor on the 727, followed by the 737-300. From there, he became the program manager of CRM/TEM. 

After 8 years at Delta, Jerry couldn’t resist the temptation to work on a brand new airplane program for Boeing and for the next 12 years he worked in many different capacities. The initial job was developing 787 training, which quickly morphed into the lead developer and also included being one of the initial cadre of instructors for that airplane. He was also the inaugural manager of flight training development and was responsible for all new airplane programs as well as legacy fleets. Jerry transitioned over as lead pilot of flight standards in 2011 and was directly responsible for all training in the Miami training center. He performed various functions and support for the FAA and non-FAA air carriers. When time permitted, he also instructed on the 747-400 and 747-8.  

As of May of last year, Jerry returned to Delta as their Manager of AQP and Training Compliance - executing the largest courseware update in Delta’s history.

Brian Sims

Christian Schmid

Jerry Preiser


 ● Delta Air Lines Lead UPRT SME

 ● Delta Air Lines First Officer and Instructor Pilot B717, B757/767, B767-400

 ● APS UPRT SME Training, Train the Trainer Course - Extra 300

 ● APS Recurrent Training - Extra 300 and Marchetti S211

 ● ASA / ExpressJet First Officer and Captain CRJ 200, CRJ 700, CRJ 900

 ● Embry Riddle Graduate and Instructor Pilot

 ● Bush Aviation, Southeast Asia

Christian Schmid

Christian Schmid

Christian Schmid


● Captain B747 Lufthansa Airlines, Frankfurt Germany 

● EASA & FAA-Instructor, EASA Senior-Examiner

● Flight School Standards and Supervision Lufthansa Group 

● UPRT-SME B747 Fleet

● Co-Developer Lufthansa Aviation Training UPRT-CBT with Captain Hartmut Fabisch

● 19900 aircraft flight-hours

● 4500 hours B737 

● B747 Simulator-Instructor & Examiner B737 & B747

● Member EASA Examiner-Manual-Task-Force & EASA Flight Standards Group

John Duncan

Christian Schmid

Christian Schmid


John Duncan is an A320 Captain for American Airlines. He started at US Air where flew the A330, B737, BAE 146, DC-9, FK 28, and B727 as a Flight Engineer. He has served as ALPA Safety Representative & Accident Investigator, Simulator Instructor, AQP Manager and SMS Implementation Project Leader. He is a graduate of North Carolina State University.

Captain Jorge Escalante


Captain Jorge Escalante joined Airbus North America in May of 2002 as Training Captain / Flight Crew Instructor. For the first two years at Airbus, Captain Escalante was dedicated to training crews from many different airlines around the world at the Airbus Training Center in Miami as well as Flight Training on a global basis, in support of the Airbus Toulouse Training Center.
Since January 2005 Captain Escalante has been part of a Flight Operations Support group in Miami whose responsibility is to support airline flight operations departments with technical interface. In this capacity, his function and time are split to provide direct
support of Operators in the Americas as well as an ongoing interface with the Airbus Flight Test and Engineering Team in Toulouse.
In November 2017, Captain Escalante was selected to attend the Airbus Flight Test School in Toulouse, France. He now shares his time at the Airbus Training Centre in Miami and Airbus Production Flight Test in Mobile, Alabama at the Airbus Final Assembly Line.
Before joining Airbus North America, Captain Escalante worked for LACSA Airlines in Costa Rica for 20 years. He began his career in LACSA as a Flight Engineer in the B- 727. From there, he was promoted to manage the Executive Safety and Security
Committee, under direct responsibility to the President of the Company. Captain Escalante was later promoted to First Officer on the B-727, where he spent less than a year before transitioning to the Airbus A320.
Before being hired by LACSA, Captain Escalante was pursuing his Aviation Career at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma where he also pursued a degree in Fire Protection and Safety Engineering Technology.